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The Living Prut
directed by Yevhen Tkach; director of photography Yaroslav Ilchyshyn
Our new documentary tells the story of the environmental threats facing mountain rivers in the Ukrainian Carpathians. This initiative is being implemented in cooperation with the Carpathian National Nature Park. The funds were allocated by the project "Support to Protected Areas in Ukraine" funded by the German government through the KfW Reconstruction Credit Institution. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine is the project beneficiary.
Director Yevhen Tkach
The families of Lierane Khaibullaieva and Amet and Dilyara Bekir, who emigrated from Crimea after its annexation by Russia, took part in filming the documentary "The Crimeans." They currently live in emigration in western Ukraine. Lierane Khaibullaieva has opened a new coffee shop in Lviv, while the Bekir family is engaged in children's educational projects. They still dream of returning to Crimea and not losing themselves.
Water. Earth. Fire
director Nataliia Shevchenko
The documentary "Water. Earth. Fire" was created to reveal the consequences of war for the nature of Ukraine, in particular for its protected areas. The focus is on three scientists, namely a botanist, an ornithologist and a marine mammal researcher. After the cessation of hostilities, they seek to assess the state of natural ecosystems and their research objects. However, the author of the film examines a wider context, trying to find out how the war affects the general situation with the environment of Ukraine. The film "Water. Earth. Fire" was created in extremely difficult conditions of martial law and limited access to mined areas. This is the first documentary, which testifies to the consequences of the war for the environment of Ukraine, but, unfortunately, not the last one.
Climate change adaptation in Ukraine
Director: Yaroslav Ilchyshyn; Year: 2021
Created by order of the German government and the Mikael Sukkow Foundation (Germany). The short documentary is a story about ecosystem adaptation, a special approach to responding to the climate challenges of the time. The main story line is developed on the example of project activities in three biosphere reserves. The spectator goes through the path of understanding the problem of climate change through the stories of residents, workers and guests of the reserves, executors of pilot projects, employees of national parks, experts, representatives of local and central authorities.
Terra Podolica – tourist route
Director: Yaroslav Ilchyshyn; Year: 2021
Promotional video about the tourist route Terra Podolica ( The Terra Podolica project is implemented within the framework of the Culture. Tourism. Partnership program. Regions "of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the State Agency for Tourism Development.
Gologory – the idea of ​​a new journey
Director: Vitaly Nykolyshyn
A series of promotional videos "Gologory - a new idea of ​​family travel" for the national park "Northern Podillya". By order of the Lviv Regional State Administration
Valley of Carpathian Bison
Directors: Mykhailo Bohomaz and Serhii Rozov
The question is not indifferent to thousands or even millions, are there still wild animals in the Carpathians? In order to learn how and what the untouched nature of the Carpathians lives - we started developing the film "Valley of the Carpathian Bison". The Bison Valley is a unique forest ecosystem in the Carpathian region, in the Skole Beskydy National Park. Our life, in our opinion, will be a revelation for the Ukrainian audience.

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